Scotsbridge Holdings is a co-investing property funding and development business. We are based across the UK and Singapore, with partners and teams of specialists located in the UK, Asia Pacific, Australasia and North America.

A deal done by Scotsbridge is a deal done with thought and due diligence. We co-invest in projects, sharing the responsibility of creating ongoing value. To achieve this, we operate under three guiding principles:

We Lead

Scotsbridge is known and respected for its ability to secure off-market, anchor, world class assets. Our network of project managers, contractors, developers, financiers and strategic partners enables us to invest ahead of the market, every time, creating opportunities at every stage. This was recently demonstrated with our purchase of a prime site on Argyle Street in Glasgow city centre in 2014, well ahead of significant commercial market expansion between 2014 and 2019.

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We Look Ahead

With an ear to the ground and a taste for what’s to come, Scotsbridge is focused on the future. Our international presence allows us to take our global learnings and apply them to local markets. Like rethinking living spaces for Later Living. Our Newton Mearns retirement village will create a community based around leisure, activity, design and architecture in an affluent residential suburb.

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We Create Opportunity

Investing is the easy bit. By selecting growing cities, finding key, prime locations, and creating custom made properties for the most promising sectors, the world class team behind Scotsbridge understand how to activate a project. By leading the way, and always looking ahead, we create opportunity and reap the rewards.

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